Prague - Czech Republic

Discover ... yourself.


An entirely new type of experience.


A Holiday that is a ritual. A coming back to yourself.


The Quest (™)


An entirely new type of experience:


An Alchemical Holiday (™) that helps you transform your life through the technique of inner game: A holiday that is a ritual. A coming back to yourself. 


A holiday that leaves you super-super-charged and super-rested. The best version of yourself. You as you were always meant to be.


Younger, lighter, healthier, fit, with more purpose and meaning.


Ready to tackle life head on.


Get mercilessly rid of all that is holding you back - and let us pamper you in the process!

The Health Alchemy House (™):


Our unique concept features:


  • Health Alchemy House: a house built, so that it has a measurable positive effect on human health;

  • Quiet, poetic and pure spot in the Czech countryside;

  • A unique concept of healing through inner game;

  • Western Medicine checkups and techniques;

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine - best Czech and European Practitioners;

  • Stillness Touch (™) - a non-therapeutic, holistic health technique that helps the induce a state of deep relaxation in both mind and body;

  • Craniosacral Biodynamics

  • Therapeutic Grade Young Living Essential Oils

  • Homeopathy

  • Psychology

  • Physiotherapy

  • Meditation

  • Massages: Tuina Massage, Guasha Massage, Raindrop Massage With Essential oils, Alchemical Ritual Massage, Himalayan Four Hands Massage, Reflexology, Cosmetical Massage and many others.

  • Exercise: Qigong, neigong, yoga, functional training, pilates, and others.

  • …and much more.


We Offer

  • Individually tailored VIP Treatments and Massages

  • Western Medicine Checkups

  • Home-like comforts: 10-20 guests maximum! 

  • Design rooms and suites

  • Individually tailored Exercise Routine and Dietary Guidelines

  • Personal Trainers

  • Our Own set of Czech and European Bio- and Eco- Cosmetics for every guest

  • Gourmet Bio Cuisine from local ingredients

  • Meditation Gardens

  • Unlimited Spa Access

  • Individual Guided Tours and Shopping: Prague, Kutná Hora, Český Krumlov, …

  • Organization of individual or group programs (teambuildings, private parties, etc.)

  • Organization of transport, interpreters and other holiday services


Our Basic Programs

  • Alchemy of Life (super-charge yourself)

  • Alchemy of Youth (get healthy, happy and younger)

  • Alchemy of Detox (civilization, technology, body and mind)



Our Therapeutic Programs

  • Alchemy of Light (weight management)

  • Alchemy of Cells (regeneration after oncological problems)

  • Alchemy of Health (healthy metabolism and lifestyle support)

  • Alchemy of Energy (re-start your energy)

  • Alchemy of Purpose (find new meaning)

  • Alchemy of Baby (prepare for a new life coming into your family)


Our Individual Program

  • Alchemy of Self (tailored for you)


…and others.


The Quest Begins in autumn 2019.

Discover ... yourself!